Rent a Hyundai i20

Rent a Hyundai i20

  • Manual TM
  • 1.2 litres | Petrol
  • 2010 year
  • 69 horse powers
  • 4 litres / 100 km
  • Front drive
  • 5 seats




Refundable deposit is not required Deposit is not required

Mileage limit

Additional drivers
Child seats
Up to 9kg
9 to 18kg

Reviews (2)

Salvatore Rossitto

On the first day, I am contacted by Aldi and told that the red i20 (pictured) has an air conditioning problem and so they will give me a Fiat Panda as a replacement. The Fiat Panda is on reserve. I take the Panda, supply it with 2000 lek and head to the hotel. The Fiat Panda in question is not capable of traveling long distances, so I stay at the hotel until the next day, waiting for a red Yiunday i20. It should be emphasized that the contact was not in Albania, but in Italy, so I had to communicate with people who did not even speak English. - On the second day, the staff assigned by Aldi delivered the red i20 to my hotel and I immediately noted that 4 very worn tires were installed, which are not suitable for a rental car. So Aldi from Italy promises me that someone will come the next day and change the tires. So for the second day I can't get it out of the hotel In the evening of the second day I also notice the lights off like in the photo At this point I get very angry and ask Aldi to be more serious about service because I wasted my vacation at the hotel. On the third day, which was even more serious, only the two front tires were replaced. I immediately called Aldi to get an explanation as to why the staff in Albania could not be contacted. I tell him I want a refund for the rental, even if only partially, but he refuses, apologizing for the inconvenience. As for the car's headlight, only the low beam has been replaced today. In fact, on the fourth day I drove over 500 km without high beam headlights. The only proper thing your partner in Aldi did was to refund me the 2000 lek of gasoline spent on the panda returned on the second day. I now ask your company in charge of Aldi to report this as soon as possible and get a refund, even a partial refund. The service was not suitable as road safety was not guaranteed. In addition, I paid full insurance to avoid this inconvenience. I paid 434€ for a non-guaranteed service I REQUEST a refund, even a partial refund, otherwise I will be forced to take legal action as provided for by the legislation in force.

Giuseppe Pileggi

They give me another car, but I do not have any problema. Reccomended.

Tirana, Albania






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