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Explore Armenia with independence

Armenia is the ideal destination for those who cherish independent travel. We recommend admiring the magnificent Mount Ararat, visiting ancient pagan temples, taking a ride on the unique Tatev Wings cable car, enjoying horseback riding, and tasting exquisite local cuisine.

To start your adventure, rent a car in Yerevan through TakeCars. Our local supply companies offer a personalized approach and a wide selection of vehicles across all classes.

Your itinerary might include visits to the ancient temples of Garni and Geghard, Lastiver National Park with its gorges and waterfalls, picturesque Lake Sevan, Devil's Bridge, Khndzoresk cave town, and Shaki Waterfall.

Documents for renting a car in Yerevan

  • National driving license of category "B" with Latin translation.
  • Your passport.
  • Automatically included insurance (TPL or CDW).

Additional benefits of TakeCars

  • Possibility of cancelling the reservation without penalty up to 7 days in advance.
  • Rentals are strictly by contract for your safety.
  • Participation in an affiliate program that allows you to earn money by recommending us to friends and acquaintances.

Car rental reviews in Yerevan

Traveling around Armenia with TakeCars promises to be unforgettable. Our priorities are your convenience and safety when renting cars in Yerevan.

Real reviews on local car hires in Armenia

Mariia Kozlova
Mariia Kozlova

Hyundai Solaris in Armenia

Everything went great. We were given another car because the one we ordered had an oil change, some small Ford jeep. The manager explained everything, warned us about all the rules. The trip was successful, we were delighted with the nature of Armenia. I will gladly recommend the company to my friends

March 2024
Peter Lamper
Peter Lamper

Lada Niva in Armenia

Everything was fine, we realy enjoied our stay in Armenia and it was my first time driving Lada Niva and it was very good and responsable car for our tour.

July 2021
Konstantin Eremich
Konstantin Eremich

Nissan Qashqai in Armenia

I originally ordered a Nissan Rogue, but in fact they provided a Kia Sportage, as they said, it is higher class than the Nissan. The car is in excellent condition, there were no complaints or problems on the way. The trip was great. The checkout process is quite fast, the staff is very friendly and customer-oriented. They provided flexible terms on some points. In general I was very satisfied!

September 2023
Valerii Kostin
Valerii Kostin

Honda Pilot in Armenia

Everything went perfectly! Everyone is happy with the car!

May 2024
Pierre Burny
Pierre Burny

Lada Niva in Armenia

All went well. The car was delivered at the right time and right place. Car was ok and the paperwork went smooth. One little thing: do not say 'see you at the meet and greet for the return @ Yerevan airport' But be more precise: at the car rental return meet and greet. 'cause it is not the same spot. Cheers.

April 2023
Matvey Melnikov
Matvey Melnikov

Kia Rio X-line in Armenia

Everything went great, promptly processed, everything was explained, no complaints on the car. Thank you

June 2023
Nikita Sapun
Nikita Sapun

Kia Rio X-line in Armenia

I had my car replaced with a hyundai venue, fresh and invigorating. I am very satisfied with the car itself and the staff who explained me everything about the documents, options available and so on.

September 2023
Alexandra Schropp
Alexandra Schropp

Ford Focus in Armenia

Everything was ok. You had a good Service. Tank you for everything.

August 2023
Dawid Bialowas
Dawid Bialowas

Lada Niva in Armenia

Everything was great 🙂

July 2022
Samuel Gunter
Samuel Gunter

Lada Niva in Armenia

everything went very smoothly, car was great, company arrived/pick up on time, etc. no issues. The only minor complaint was how the pricing worked - it was about $600 to rent but still charged for drop off/pickup when there was no option to pick it up yourself (not sure why they just don't do that). include this in the price if there is no alternative).

November 2023
Marta Jurkiewicz
Marta Jurkiewicz

Ford Focus in Armenia

Everything was perfect. I didn't receive any problem:)

November 2023
Arthur Oganesyan
Arthur Oganesyan

Hyundai Elantra in Armenia

It's all very good, excellent.

September 2023
Margarita Kravchenko
Margarita Kravchenko

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in Armenia

Everything is great, the car is nice, no problems. The people at the agency were nice

September 2023

Yerevan car rental prices

Rates in Yerevan vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length.

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chartHow expensive is renting a car in Yerevan: average daily rates for a one-week car rental, across all car classes.
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    We make it easy to compare prices and rental terms in Yerevan so you can rent a car more easily

  • 2. Secure your online booking

    Reserve your vehicle with a small deposit, and we guarantee it will be waiting for you upon arrival in Yerevan.

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Driving out of Yerevan, you’ll find yourself amidst amazing landscapes and frankly speaking, rather challenging roads that will add spice to your experience. In Yerevan itself and on main highways, the roads are good, but beyond them, a real adventure begins with natural beauties all around.

There are enough good gas stations in Yerevan, but outside the city, it is best to fill up only at branded stations, and preferably with a reserve! There are also a lot of LPG cars in Yerevan, but they are rarely available for rent.

Features of the rules of the road

  • Speed: up to 60 km/h in populated areas and up to 90 km/h outside.
  • Blood alcohol content should be zero.
  • Low beam is always mandatory.

Parking in Yerevan

Underground and surface parking lots in Yerevan are marked with red lines, but it is customary in the city to spontaneously park wherever it is convenient. Fines for improper parking are rare.

Yerevan car rental questions

📚 All
How can I modify my reservation?

Contact support to change your booking. Changes may affect the price, therefore confirmation is required. We will provide personal assistance in choosing a car is available.

What's the quickest way to book a car?

Book online, receive confirmation, and voucher by email. Contact your manager for further details.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash, cards, and other methods depending on the rental company. Any card can be used for prepayment.

What if my desired car isn't available?

If the car class you want isn't available, contact our support in Yerevan. We might arrange free upgrades for you.

How can I book a car in Yerevan?

Book online through our platform. For personalized options, contact us. Discount codes available (e.g., LOCAL).

What does CDW cover in Yerevan?

CDW covers damages except for windshield, tires, and undercarriage. For other options, no deposit options are available.

How and when will my deposit be returned?

Deposit details are on our website. Deposits are clear and upfront.

Is any insurance included in the price?

Basic third-party insurance is included. And unlike other websites(!) you can see the deposit amount immediately.

Will I get the exact car I see in the photos?

Usually, yes. For an upgrade, free vehicle class upgrades are often available.

Are there any discounts for monthly rentals?

Contact us for long-term rental discounts. We'll help you find a good price.

Is fuel included?

No, fuel is not included and varies by provider.

How to book a car without a prepayment?

All bookings require a prepayment. But no returnable deposit required for some bookings.

Things to do in Yerevan, Armenia

Visit the Cascade Complex, explore the Matenadaran, and enjoy the Republic Square.

Where to drive from Yerevan (Armenia) with a rental car

Drive to the Geghard Monastery for history, or to Lake Sevan for nature and relaxation.

Got questions?

Feel free to ask and we'll reply within 2 hours.


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