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Car rental reviews at Karlovy Vary Airport

Real reviews on local car hires in Czechia

Alexander Glazkov
Alexander Glazkov

Skoda Octavia Combi in Czechia

When issuing a car, they asked for cash payment. With the reservation stipulated on the website of 400 euros, as a result the reserve amounted to 600 ... About half an hour reservation was made. The car was very decent. Clean, responsive, stable on the road. But the passenger airbag was turned off, this moment was a little annoying. On the third day, I had to add coolant to the radiator, the indicator light came on. The navigator pleased! In the whole car were satisfied! But when handing over the car at the Karlovy Vary airport, I had to wait for the agent almost at the close of the registration for the flight. A man was driving from Prague, got into a traffic jam.

August 2019
Vitaly Makhov
Vitaly Makhov

Fiat Ducato in Czechia

We were given a dirty car. The car was dirty inside and out !! When asked why the car is so dirty: the manager will wash it ourselves. How do you like this? In general, the car was normal.

February 2020
Dmitriy Serov
Dmitriy Serov

Mercedes-Benz Vito in Czechia

All OK. I will definitely use it again!

October 2019

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Frequent Questions

To major cities by car from Karlovy Vary Airport

Prague is about 2 hours away, making it a feasible day trip for exploring the capital’s numerous cultural and historical attractions.

Where else to drive from Karlovy Vary Airport

Exploring the West Bohemian spa triangle and the surrounding nature reserves provides a tranquil and picturesque road trip experience.

Top tourist Attractions from Karlovy Vary Airport

The spa town of Karlovy Vary with its hot springs and grand colonnades is within a 15-minute drive. The historic towns of Loket and Marianske Lazne are nearby.

Best road travel from Karlovy Vary Airport

Driving through the Bohemian Forest offers scenic views and access to numerous hiking trails and small historic towns.

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