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Planning a trip to Batumi and want to enjoy the beauties of Georgia without restrictions? TakeCars aggregator will help you find the perfect rental car. We collaborate with reliable local companies in Batumi, offering favorable conditions and a personalized approach to each client. On our website, you’ll find real photos of cars, so you know exactly what you’re renting.

Batumi: Sun, sea, and more

Batumi is a separate, welcoming world waiting for you. With 50 kilometers of beaches, a striking waterfront, and a rich cultural heritage, this city guarantees an unforgettable experience. The Batumi Botanical Garden, one of the largest in Europe, historic lighthouses, and cozy cafes make Batumi an ideal vacation destination.

Why rent a car in Batumi through TakeCars

  1. Real Car Photos – Choose with confidence, knowing exactly what your car looks like.
  2. Useful Content – Access all the information you need to plan your trip.
  3. Free Upgrade – We frequently offer a free upgrade on your booked auto.
  4. Easy Payment – We accept all cards, including Russian cards, for prepayment.
  5. Savings – Our service helps you save a lot of money compared to group tours.

Car rental reviews in Batumi

Real reviews on local car hires in Georgia

Vladimir Merkin
Vladimir Merkin

Subaru Forester in Georgia

The rent went great. We were met, showed and explained everything. There were no problems with the car.

June 2019
Kuanysh Mukazhanov
Kuanysh Mukazhanov

Toyota Sienna in Georgia

Super car! And the price of rent is affordable. The service was darkened at the very end when they handed over the car. We accidentally scratched a car when we passed a very narrow suspension bridge over a river. The company rated the scratches at $ 200, which in our opinion is overly expensive.

August 2019
Aleksandr Zernov
Aleksandr Zernov

Lexus GX460 in Georgia

Everything is fine: communication, receipt, delivery of the car. The car fully matches the description, the photo on the website of this particular car. The rental service is very convenient! Thanks.

September 2021
Pavlo Heletei
Pavlo Heletei

Toyota Rav4 in Georgia

Everything is super, the car is super!

July 2021
Viacheslav Luchytskyi
Viacheslav Luchytskyi

Subaru Forester in Georgia

We like the comfort that the car gives us. Money is not a pity, there is more of a pandemic period. The conditions are excellent. just a wonderful rest, I recommend it to everyone.

May 2021
Akhmet Seiitzhappar
Akhmet Seiitzhappar

Hyundai Elantra in Georgia

Everything went great, the owner of the Elantra turned out to be a very nice man.

October 2023
Vitalii Lupynos
Vitalii Lupynos

BMW X5 in Georgia

It is necessary to improve the technical condition of the car.

June 2021
Igor Lvov
Igor Lvov

Suzuki Grand Vitara in Georgia

Everything went great. In the future I will take a more powerful car in the mountains. Thanks next time, I'll order the car again from you!

July 2019
Andrei Golomidov
Andrei Golomidov

Subaru Forester in Georgia

Good afternoon. Rented a car for the first time. I was pleased with the car. Spend time with your family comfortably enough. We drove almost 1000 km with this car. There were no problems. Everything was ok.

July 2021
Ioannis Sidiropoulos
Ioannis Sidiropoulos

Ford Escape in Georgia

Everything went well. The car was clean, the registration was quick.

August 2023
Arina Nekchlopochina
Arina Nekchlopochina

Toyota Prius in Georgia

With rent everything went great))))) we were persuaded to get a Prius)))) and this is the best model for local intercity conditions)))) everything was fine !!!

July 2019
Parinda Chamchoi
Parinda Chamchoi

Subaru Forester in Georgia

It was fine, thank you!

March 2023
Artjoms Lepeskovs
Artjoms Lepeskovs

Honda Fit in Georgia

Everything was nice, smooth and easy.

September 2023

Batumi car rental prices

Rates in Batumi vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length.

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Explore Batumi and more

Don’t limit yourself to just Batumi. With a rental car, you can visit the health resort Sairme or drive along the Batumi-Akhaltsikhe route through the Goderdzi Pass, literally opening new horizons for yourself. Attention, not every car is suitable for the Batumi-Akhaltsikhe route. Please contact our support for assistance with selection!

Choose the perfect vehicle for your next trip with us. Whether it's a short excursion or a long journey across Georgia, we’re here to make your experience unforgettable.

New discoveries await you in every region of Georgia!

Frequent Questions

Things to do in Batumi, Georgia

Explore Batumi Botanical Garden, visit the Ali and Nino statue, and enjoy the Batumi Boulevard.

Where to drive from Batumi (Georgia) with a rental car

Drive to the Mtirala National Park for nature and adventures, or to the Gonio Fortress for history.

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