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Your vacation will be an unforgettable adventure with TakeCars car rental in Greece. We offer unbeatable prices and provide real photos of all cars to make your choice as transparent and convenient as possible.

Why rent a car in Greece?

Renting a car in Greece opens up a unique opportunity to mix beach relaxation with exploring ancient ruins scattered across the country. With our easy car selection process, you can find the perfect fit based on your preferences and instantly learn about the deposit amount, with no fine print or hidden surprises.

Where to rent a car in Greece

Renting a car in Greece gives you the freedom to chart your own course. Whether you want to head to Thessaloniki or explore Halkidiki, Athens and the stunning Ionian coast are also within reach.

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What our users say

TakeCars guarantees a comfortable and enriching travel experience, free from hassles and full of unexpected discoveries. Use our car rental service in Greece and see this amazing country from a fresh perspective!

Real reviews on local car hires in Greece

Anastassiya Yessaulenko
Anastassiya Yessaulenko

Nissan Qashqai in Crete

everything was fine, the car was good, I didn't drive myself, my husband drove.

August 2023
Sergey Kuznetsov
Sergey Kuznetsov

Nissan Micra in Crete

Nissan mikra was terrible, the woman did not meet with a table at the ferry, I had to call her and look for all the port parking lots ...

September 2021
Anton Loboychenko
Anton Loboychenko

Volkswagen Polo in Crete

Everything was great ! Thank you ! I liked everything very much. The car is super good, the air conditioner was working. We met at the entrance, the car is clean, refueled. The amount of calculation, as agreed, without cheating! Rating 5+!

July 2021
Oksana Avetikova
Oksana Avetikova

Fiat 500 in Crete

I liked everything, in terms of money and time, as agreed, nothing more. No deposit was taken. The car is old, but there were no complaints about its work. Loved the delivery right to the hotel!

September 2019
Andrii Grechanyi
Andrii Grechanyi

Fiat Panda in Crete

The inconvenience was at the airport as we could not find the car. The next day the car was delivered to our hotel. The car is very good and economical. I liked the attitude of the person who delivered the car to us. Maximum easy and quick execution of the documents of the transfer of the car to the client. In general, we liked your company. I will recommend your services to my friends!

June 2023
Ishay Michaeli
Ishay Michaeli

Skoda Fabia in Crete

It's okay 😌

July 2023
Kateryna Bovt
Kateryna Bovt

Hyundai Matrix in Crete

Everything was fine) Thank you for the service, even though we arrived 2 hours earlier, your manager drove the car, taking into account the early arrival. The car corresponded to its characteristics. Price = quality! I recommend your service

August 2021
Stanislav Skits
Stanislav Skits

Skoda Citigo in Crete

Very happy with this rental service. It seemed that it was simply impossible to find a car in Crete a week before arrival. But through this site for us in a short time they found a comfortable small new car for an adequate price. On the next trip, we will also turn here for a car.

August 2021
Maksim Sauliak
Maksim Sauliak

Peugeot 208 in Crete

The car is good. Despite the broken screen of the radio, the rest was all the rules. I didn't think the car was so spacious. We 4 adults fit very comfortably in the car. There was a problem with the delivery of the car to the parking lot. no one met us. But, in about 20 minutes we found the required parking lot. Only why, then they took an additional fee for renting a car outside of working hours - remains a mystery. The rest, on the wheelbarrow - no questions. I liked the island too. Thanks.

October 2021
Mikolaj Jopek
Mikolaj Jopek

Hyundai i10 in Greece

Things are good. Thanks.

July 2020
Girts Cerins
Girts Cerins

Peugeot 208 on Rhodes

Everything went smooth and great. You were very fast and responsive! The car was brand new and very nice to drive. Enjoyed my vacation very well! 👍🏻🤗

September 2023
Dmitriy Bolshakov
Dmitriy Bolshakov

Jeep Renegade in Crete

In our time, without deposits and insurance for cash - the best option for Russian citizens. After the order, we signed off at Watsapp, met at the airport of Chania - an agreement with unlimited insurance, the car was replaced with a similar Renault Datsun, with a pumped engine of 150 forces, on alloy wheels, air conditioning, navigator, etc., the car is new, 2022 onwards. All right. When leaving, I left it in the parking lot near the airport, there is a free shuttle to it. Rating is excellent.

October 2022
Sergejs Suslovs
Sergejs Suslovs

Hyundai i20 in Corfu

Everything was good. Thank you for your activities

June 2022

Local Car Hires in Greece

These local businesses provide car rental services in Greece

Local Car Hires in Greece

These local businesses provide car rental services in Greece








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    We make it easy to compare prices and rental terms in Greece so you can rent a car more easily

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    Reserve your vehicle with a small deposit, and we guarantee it will be waiting for you upon arrival in Greece.

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    Help others make the right choice when renting cars on TakeCars Greece.

Benefits of using TakeCars

Choosing TakeCars for your car rental is not only convenient but also cost-effective, especially if you prefer to stray from the beaten path and craft your own unique itinerary.

Our partners provide out-of-country permits (crossing the Greek border) by arrangement, making it perfect for the adventurous traveler. With our easy-to-use filters, you can quickly find cars that are allowed to cross national borders.

What do you need to know about traveling by car in Greece?

Be sure to familiarize yourself with local traffic laws and insurance policies. Remember, Greece imposes hefty fines for drunk driving, so it’s best to stay sober behind the wheel. Gas stations are available everywhere, though prices tend to be higher on the highways.

Parking features and road conditions

In major cities like Athens, it's important to adhere to parking regulations. Roads are generally well-maintained and the local police are quite understanding, making car rental an even more attractive option.

Greece car rental prices

Our car rental platform in Greece not only offers competitive prices but also features promotional codes for additional savings, even during the peak season!

Rates in Greece vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

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  • February
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chartHow expensive is renting a car in Greece: average daily rates for a one-week car rental, across all car classes. Delivery across Greece not included.

Greece car rental questions

📚 All
What is the minimum rental duration in Greece?

The minimum rental duration in Greece is 1 day, with a 24-hour tariff rate system.

How do I make a reservation?

Choose a car, make a prepayment, and receive a voucher. Get the car at the specified location.

What's the quickest way to book a car in Greece?

The quickest way to book is online. You’ll get a confirmation and a voucher in your email, and you can directly contact the manager from the voucher for any queries.

Can I modify my booking?

Contact our support via email or messengers to modify your booking. Personal assistance with car selection based on preferences.

What are the deposit amounts?

Compared to chain rentals, deposits in Greece are lower. The deposit amount is visible when choosing a car.

Can deposit be paid in cash?

Yes, depending on the rental company, you can pay the deposit in cash. Options without a deposit are also available.

Is an International Driving License required for car rentals in Greece?

No, an International Driving License is not required for car rentals in Greece.

How to extend the rental period in Greece?

To extend the rental period, please contact us or the car rental manager directly.

Is it possible to pay for car rental in Greece with several cards?

No, you can either pay entirely in cash or with one card only. For payment, any type of card is accepted.

Is prepayment required to book a car in Greece?

Yes, a prepayment is required to reserve a car and lock in the price. Transparent price calculation on our website.

Can I choose where to collect and drop off my rental car in Greece?

Yes, you can select the exact place from available locations to collect and drop off your rental car in Greece. Real photos of cars at each location.

What are the working hours for car rental services in Greece?

Please refer to our website for the working hours of car rental services in Greece.

When will I receive my voucher for rental in Greece?

You will receive a rental voucher within a few hours after booking. Direct communication with the supplier through personal messages.

What's your fuel policy in Greece?

Our fuel policy in Greece is same/same, meaning you return the car with the same amount of fuel it had when you picked it up.

Can I return the car in a different location in Greece?

Yes, you can change the return location by contacting the rental company manager using the number on your voucher.

When is the deposit on card released in Greece?

The deposit block on your card is released within 7-14 days after you return the car.

How to access rental car support 24/7?

24/7 support is included in the rental cost. Use the contact number in your voucher to reach us at any time.

Got questions?

Feel free to ask and we'll reply within 2 hours.




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