Rent a Suzuki Vitara

  • Automatic TM
  • 1.5 litres | Hybrid
  • 2023 year
  • 140 horse powers
  • 6 litres / 100 km
  • Front drive
  • 5 seats




Refundable deposit is not required Deposit is not required
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Mileage limit

Additional drivers
Child seats
Up to 9kg
9 to 18kg
18 to 36kg
Booster seat

Reviews (4)

Ruslan Vorozheykin

Everything went well, I am very satisfied. Everything was organized at the highest level, convenient and clear!

Ilia Levin

1. I booked a Suzuki Vitara, but in fact they gave me a “Chinese” one. This is not critical since the class of cars is similar and there is a note in the booking that this could happen. 2. There were difficulties when receiving the car. The machine did not recognize my license. And if there hadn’t been an employee nearby, I think I would have stood there for a very long time. 3. Returning the car went without any problems 4. I don’t like that there is no way to pay a deposit in cash... In Prague, I rented a car with a cash deposit. The main inconvenience is that the deposit on the card was returned after 20 days after the car was returned. Overall, everything went well. We will be in Budapest again, we will use your service again)

Vladislav Sivokon

I liked renting a car from your company, the service is good and convenient. I received a different car from the one I ordered, instead of a Suzuki they gave me a similar one. But I liked the car I received, so in general I am satisfied. I will contact you again. Thank you

Igor Pichugin

Except for the fact that Suzuki was not given to me, because. it was promised to another client who came a day later (although I contacted the company in advance and clarified whether they had automatic crossovers at all, and whether it would be provided to me, and I was assured that it would definitely be), but they gave Toyota instead Corolla, which is not even close to similar, in general, I am 100% satisfied with the company's service

Budapest, Hungary







Add’l. drivers

Child seats


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