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Vacation in Pattaya: your guide to renting a car

Pattaya, often hailed as a tropical paradise, truly lives up to its reputation. Nestled in the tropics, this city draws tourists with its unique nature, diverse entertainment, and gorgeous beaches: bustling Pattaya Beach, the secluded waters of Jomtien, and the picturesque Naklua—perfect for photo enthusiasts. Renting a car in Pattaya through TakeCars gives you comfortable access to all of Thailand's attractions.

What to do in and around Pattaya

With your rental car, head to Pattaya Elephant Village, just 10 km from the city, for a unique experience with elephants. Located 40 km away, the Siracha Tiger Zoo offers a thrilling adventure for wildlife enthusiasts. Nearby, Wat Yang presents a majestic complex of Buddhist temples and rock paintings of the Golden Buddha. These spots are ideal for both cultural and active leisure.

Always fill up at reputable chain gas stations such as Caltex or Shell to ensure the best fuel quality.

Why tourists choose us for car rental in Pattaya

Large Selection of Cars: Whether traveling solo or with family, TakeCars offers an extensive range of car models and brands. Find your perfect vehicle—from economical compacts to spacious minivans.

24/7 Support: Our support team is available anytime via online chat on the website. We ensure transparency in rental conditions, including deposit information, making your experience as convenient as possible.

Cumulative Discounts: For every review left post-rental, we offer discounts, making your future trips even more cost-effective.

Pattaya car rental prices

Take advantage of car rentals in Pattaya from TakeCars and explore all that this paradise has to offer!

Rates in Pattaya vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length.

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How to book a car at TakeCars

  • Enter the dates and rental location—Pattaya or any other city at the top of the site.
  • Select the car you like, click on it to view more details.
  • Add additional options and insurance, then click "Book."
  • Fill in the driver's information and prepay 15% of the full rental price.
  • Wait for the order confirmation; the voucher will be sent directly to your email. Save it on your phone.
  • Your car will be ready and waiting for you!

Formalizing rental documents

To rent a car in Pattaya, you'll need an international driver's license, passport, and bank card. When you pick up the car, you'll leave a deposit, which will be returned at the end of the rental period if the car is returned in good condition.

We recommend purchasing a SIM card from a local mobile operator like DTAC, AIS, or TRUE Move for reliable communication and internet. Choose a plan that suits your internet needs.

Pattaya car rental questions

Things to do in Pattaya, Thailand

Visit the Sanctuary of Truth, explore Walking Street, and enjoy Pattaya Beach.

Where to drive from Pattaya (Thailand) with a rental car

Drive to Rayong for its beaches and fruit orchards, or to Bangkok for city life and historical sites.

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