Rent a Kia K5

Rent a Kia K5

  • Automatic TM
  • 2.5 litres | Petrol
  • 2023 year
  • 260 horse powers
  • 8 litres / 100 km
  • Front drive
  • 5 seats




Refundable deposit is not required Deposit is not required
Refundable deposit Deposit

Mileage limit

Additional drivers
Child seats
Up to 9kg
9 to 18kg
Booster seat

Reviews (5)

Pavel Andreev

We ended up getting a Camry, but everything was great

Pavel Kireev

Everything went perfectly; the car was on time and matched the reservation. The process was quick, and we returned it at the same spot. However, no one came to pick it up; they asked us to take photos and videos, leave money for toll roads in the glove compartment, and leave the key on the wheel. That's exactly what we did)))

Pavel Briukhanov

that's right, rented a K5 - everything went great, no problems at all, I was satisfied!

Pavel Briukhanov

Many thanks to Akil - everything went smoothly! I was contacted in advance on whatsapp, upon arrival they drove the car to the DXB airport, Arrivals zone. Full tank filled. I rented a car in the same place at the airport, Departures zone. Delivery took 5 minutes - quickly inspected the car. They also contacted me in advance on Whatsapp to clarify a convenient time for delivery. The car is in excellent condition. Please note that when driving on toll roads, you accumulate a debt - you will need to pay it when you return the car (I hit Salik 60 AED). Also keep in mind that the entrance to the parking area at the airport is paid and upon acceptance of the car, you will need to pay it additionally in the Pay Zone (30-40 AED). All fines, etc. - are also paid by you (which is quite logical). In all other respects, the payment corresponded to the original agreement, nothing more was required. For Russians - there is a payment by transfer to the Russian Federation by a card (Sberbank, you can use SBP) - very convenient if you don’t want to immediately bother with exchange at the airport and there are no international Visa / Mastercard cards (they can also be paid on the spot - the employee has a terminal with him for maps). Thanks to Akil for organizing the possibility of paying in rubles! I put 5 stars, I will definitely order again!

Andrei Karlinov

Instead of Kia K5 - Totyota Camry .. and at departure - no one came at all, I had to call up - they asked me to leave the keys under the wheel.

Dubai, UAE






Add’l. drivers

Child seats


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