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A visit to Albania begins the moment you land at Tirana Airport. Renting a car directly at the airport is the first step to an unforgettable journey through the region.

Tirana Airport: the first stop on your journey

When you fly into Tirana Airport, you will immediately feel the benefits of personal transportation on your trip. Tirana International Airport (Nënë Tereza), the largest airport in Albania, is located only 17 km from the capital. By booking your car in advance on TakeCars, you will receive your car right at the terminal exit. No need to waste time waiting for public transportation or expensive cabs.

Benefits of renting a car with TakeCars

Travelers prefer to Rent a car at Tirana Airport with TakeCars and here's why:

  • Best Rates: Our car rental rates are often more favorable than our competitors.
  • Promo Codes: Don't forget to use promo code LOCAL to get extra discount on your rental.
  • Roadside assistance: We guarantee that our support will be with you every step of the way in Albania.
  • No Deposit: For the convenience of our clients, we offer the option of renting with no deposit required.

Car rental reviews at Tirana airport

Real reviews on local car hires in Albania

Andrea Marziali
Andrea Marziali

Ford Focus in Albania

Everything went great, the car was clean and in good conditions. They were waiting for us at the airport when we arrived and they drove us back to the terminal when we came back to tirana

August 2023
Cristiane Pereira
Cristiane Pereira

Ford Fiesta in Albania

it was okay. But as we had a long drive a head, we should’ve rented a stronger car 1.4 was a bit harsh for a long drive We went up hills

September 2023
Katarzyna Madrzak
Katarzyna Madrzak

Mercedes-Benz E220 in Albania

Everything was fine.

July 2023
Suzana Gladović
Suzana Gladović

Skoda Rapid in Albania

car Skoda Rapid was great!! We didnt have any problems with the car and it got us anywhere we wanted. Really nice experience, thank you.

July 2023
Javier Escudero velado
Javier Escudero velado

Ford Fiesta in Albania

Everything was ok! 👌🏻

September 2023
Paulo Ferreira
Paulo Ferreira

Volkswagen Golf 6 in Albania

everything went well. Thank you

September 2023
Even georg Myklebust
Even georg Myklebust

Volkswagen Passat-CC in Albania

Everything went really nice and it was easy to communicate!

August 2023
Mark Gerits
Mark Gerits

Mercedes-Benz ML250 in Albania

Everything was okay, we didn't recieve the rental car but the car we recieved was good. The communication was super and easy.. So all good and nice.

August 2023
Oleksii Smirnov
Oleksii Smirnov

Chevrolet Captiva in Albania

The site itself is convenient, but does not contain complete information about the condition of the rented car. It starts for 10-15 minutes (either the battery is old or the spark plugs need to be cleaned). Hollowed steering rack. I have no complaints about the site. I was very disappointed with the condition of the car, and had trouble.

September 2021
Saul Gallego
Saul Gallego

Hyundai i10 in Albania

it was everything okay!

September 2023
Franke Zeinstra
Franke Zeinstra

Toyota Yaris in Albania

But it went very well overall! The car was allright and the contact with the company was good as well.

July 2023
Julie Stelmach
Julie Stelmach

Skoda Rapid in Albania

everything was good. We did not got car we ordered. It was older and manual. But the car served good, guy that picked us up and stoper at airport was great. He was nice, explaind everything. Thank you.

May 2024
Daniel García
Daniel García

Volkswagen Golf 5 in Albania

thanks, it was good

August 2023

Tirana airport (TIA) car rental prices

Rates at Tirana airport vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length.

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  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
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chartHow expensive is renting a car at Tirana airport: average daily rates for a one-week car rental, across all car classes.
Rent a car online at Tirana airport with TakeCars.com
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    We make it easy to compare prices and rental terms at Tirana airport so you can rent a car more easily

  • 2. Secure your online booking

    Reserve your vehicle with a small deposit, and we guarantee it will be waiting for you upon arrival at Tirana airport.

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Car rental at Tirana Airport opens the doors to the most scenic routes around Albania. Just a few hours away from Tirana are:

  • Berat — a city in the hills that is known for its whitewashed houses and ancient churches.
  • Gjirokastra — a town that is known for its unique stone houses and magnificent castle that overlooks the surrounding valleys.
  • Adriatic Coast — spend a day on sandy beaches or explore little-known secluded coves.

In each of these locations you will find unforgettable scenery and unique architectural landmarks that will make your trip truly special.

Explore the beauty of Albania by car

Renting a car at Tirana airport opens up unlimited possibilities for traveling around Albania.

Drive to Berat to see the city of a thousand windows, or enjoy the splendor of the beaches of Durres and Vlora. The car allows you to move freely between scenic locations, choosing new destinations each time without being tied to public transportation schedules.

By renting a car through TakeCars, you get not only comfort and mobility, but also the possibility to plan your vacation as it suits you. Whether it is a trip to the famous Albanian beaches or exploring historical monuments, your journey will be unforgettable. TakeCars provides you with everything you need for a perfect road trip right at Tirana Airport.

Frequent Questions

📚 All
Can I change my booking at Tirana airport?

To change your booking at Tirana Airport, please contact our support team. This can be done by email or by phone.

How do I make a reservation?

The first thing you need to do is choose a car. You will then pay in advance and receive a voucher. When you arrive at Tirana Airport, the car will be handed over to you.

Can I leave the car in the Tirana airport car park when the office is closed?

Yes, the car can be left in the Tirana Airport car park by prior arrangement with the hirer.

How do I notify the manager at Tirana airport if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, keep in touch with the manager and do not lose your voucher. In any case, the car will be at your disposal on arrival at Tirana Airport.

What is the minimum rental period at Tirana airport?

The minimum rental at Tirana Airport is 1 day with a 24 hour rate system.

What is covered by the CDW at Tirana Airport?

Standard comprehensive insurance covers all types of damage except windscreen, wheel and underbody damage. These types of damage are usually insured separately.

What does the Cross Border Insurance at Tirana Airport cover?

Overseas is just an extra cost of entry, not insurance.

Can I rent a minivan at Tirana Airport?

Yes, minivans can be rented at Tirana Airport. It is strongly recommended to book them in advance for a wider choice.

How is the car rental price calculated at Tirana Airport?

The rental fee depends on how long you intend to rent the car. The minimum rental is 1 day and the rate is 24 hours. The longer the rental, the lower the cost.

Top tourist Attractions from Tirana airport

Tirana’s city center with Skanderbeg Square, the National History Museum, and Dajti Mountain are within a 30-minute drive. The historic city of Krujë is about an hour away.

Best road travel from Tirana airport

Exploring the Albanian Riviera or driving inland to the town of Berat for a mix of beautiful landscapes and Ottoman architecture.

What are the opening hours at Tirana Airport?

Tirana Airport, like other international airports, operates 24 hours a day.

To major cities by car from Tirana airport

Major cities like Durrës are about 40 minutes away, providing easy access to historical sites and beaches.

Where else to drive from Tirana airport

Discovering Albania’s cultural sites and natural beauty, from its bustling capital to the serene landscapes of the south.

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