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Car rental reviews in Tirana

Real reviews on local car hires in Albania

Carlotta Mozzi
Carlotta Mozzi

Fiat Panda 4x4 in Albania

Aldi, the car's owner was very helpful and friendly. We had not problem with car in general

August 2023
Massimo Bellizzi
Massimo Bellizzi

Mercedes-Benz Viano in Albania

Second day , we smelled gasoline for many kilometers, fortunately we decided to stop. The gasoline hose was spraying diesel all over the place we risked catching 8 people on fire with a 5 year old child. We called the owner who after only 3 hours got us the spare van requesting the wasted gasoline from the first van although more than half was lost on the road, the gasoline from the second van . We stayed for more than an hour in an isolated road with a minor of 5 years then a private person gave us a ride for only 30 euros to a cafe almost ten kilometers from the place where we stopped and of course we had to have lunch there given the hour despite other friends were waiting for us at the Benje spa with sandwiches and of course needless to say a day totally skipped because of this breakdown . In the end according to him on the bill he only took off from us the 30 euros of the passage. Needless to say that through a lawyer we are trying to figure out whether to proceed legally since the child's mother is Albanian because we were treated really badly. P.s. the owner demanded that we thank him for bringing us in only three hours the replacement van , which by the way in other parts of the world is totally normal and moreover we had full kasco insurance. Be careful !!!

November 2023
Filippo Lanfranchi
Filippo Lanfranchi

Volkswagen Golf in Albania

Everything was good, the car was in non-optimal state but it was working

August 2023
Lars Ratering
Lars Ratering

Volkswagen Golf in Albania

they gave us a worn down, not maintained car where literally everything was broken (and I mean everything) we found out during our stay. A dangerous car (flat tyres, no car horn, engine shut off when driving in first gear in the mountains) and numerous other stuff broken or missing. I contacted him (Aldi) about it. I had to drive back to Tirana to get a lifting jack for the car. In the end he was joking about it (I wouldn't need a car horn in Albania - we almost got into an accident because of this missing car horn). Also when renting the car I was asking a couple of times about the insurance. They said: no problem: everything is okay (his brother in law who was running the business in Tirana didn't speak English). Then on top of everything we had a huge engine failure in the mountains which he stated caused by our doing. I still don't know what happened to the car. After a few days he started texting me to pay him a lot of money for this (I think it was 2000 euro or something; oh no I got a 'discount'). And he started waving his contract (Albanian) at me. I declined because of the fact that I still don't know what happened to the car (never saw an official damage contract) and the bad state of the car. I never got a replacement car. So we only had the 16 days or so. We missed out 12 days. And then the 'threats' started. He would go to the police, legal steps, etc. He and his brother started pushing pressure on us. We left Albania because of this. And he is still sending me whatsapp messages through his 'friends' I guess. I should pay him or otherwise....I'm blocking everything right now. I already contacted my lawyer about this whole situation. This Aldi guy will give you a different story I guess, but this is my point of view. And in my point of view he is owing me money (car rental, deposit, full tank, taxi/bus).

August 2023
David Castro
David Castro

Nissan Micra in Albania

It went all well

August 2023
Ahmed Allam
Ahmed Allam

Baic Senova D50 in Albania

Yea it was fantastic, they were very friendly and car so clean , and everything was perfect 🤩 Thank you very much

August 2023
Vincenzo Visciano
Vincenzo Visciano

Volkswagen Caddy in Albania

Invaluable help during our first visit to Albania. Professionalism, courtesy and maximum accessibility. A huge selection of cars for every taste. Cheap prices.

September 2023
Siarhei Machekin
Siarhei Machekin

Nissan Micra in Albania

They met us in accordance with the arrangements at the airport, drove us to the office without any problems, processed the documents. They also helped us with refueling the car and there were no problems with returning the car at the appointed place and returning the deposit Now about the car itself, although I realize that this is probably the cheapest offer on the market and I have no claims, but in general. The car is burning a bunch of errors, the bumper was not fixed properly (fixed it myself when it began to sail strongly in the road and make an unpleasant sound). At one of the parking lots the ulems from the battery came off, the car stopped starting. There was a problem with the hood closing. And probably the most important thing - the car can be normally traveled on normal roads. We drove from Vlora to Saranda on a road that goes uphill - the car just wouldn't go. The speed uphill is 5-10 km per hour. It was a little bit exciting. But then again, as it stands, so it goes)

July 2023
Salvatore Mauro
Salvatore Mauro

Volkswagen Golf in Albania

Everything was fine:)

August 2023
Joana Silva
Joana Silva

Volkswagen Golf in Albania

The rent did perfectly.

October 2023
Luis miguel Martín sánchez
Luis miguel Martín sánchez

Opel Insignia in Albania

We received very good service. The cars were delivered to our hotel and we were offered to return them at the airport, which was very convenient for us. Very good communication with the company when needed.

August 2023
Hannah-eva Decorte
Hannah-eva Decorte

Baic Senova X25 in Albania

Everything was fine with the car! Great service!

July 2023
Stanislav Zaprykut
Stanislav Zaprykut

Baic Senova D50 in Albania


August 2023

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Tirana FAQs

📚 All
Should I book a Fiat Punto online or pay in cash?

All bookings must be made online. Thank you for understanding.

Do you have any cars available for today?

Our team has sent you a selection of available options for today.

Could you tell me a bit more about the process?

Select a car online, make a prepayment, and the rest of the payment and deposit are due upon pickup.

I can't enter my phone number when booking.

Please ensure your phone number is entered in international format with the country code.

Where do I have to pick up the car? Is it in the terminal?

The manager will meet you at the terminal's arrival zone.

We want to rent a car between 22-25.10.

Our manager has sent you the available options for these dates.

When I arrive, do you have a station, or will you meet me at the airport?

A manager will meet you with a sign displaying your name at the airport.

Why was my reservation rejected? Can I get some information about what happened?

We're reviewing the reasons and will provide you with an alternative offer soon.

Good afternoon, I'm just looking to rent the car MAZDA 5 from 23.07 to 28.07, is it available?

Yes, it is available. Please proceed with the online booking.

Really looking forward to meeting you. Could you send me your WhatsApp number so we can get in touch?

The rental company representative's phone number is specified in your voucher.

Hi, do you have a car available for me from 24 July to 15 August? We'll arrive before the weekend in Tirana.

Our team is preparing options for you and will be in touch shortly.

We've come across your vehicles on the website and wondered if you could provide more information about the rental process.

Choose a car, make a prepayment, wait for confirmation, contact the rental company manager, and pick up the car on the specified date.

I would like to rent the Ford Fiesta for this period: August 10th -> August 14th. From Shkodër to Tirana Airport. Do you confirm availability?

Yes, availability is confirmed. Please proceed with your booking.

Tell me, in which city and for what dates do you need a car? Also tell me the phone number in the messenger. Our manager will contact you and advise.

Please proceed with providing the requested details for personalized assistance.

We are interested in booking one of your cars to pick up on 10th October and return on 18th October. I wanted to confirm the terms of booking, like deposit etc.

All terms of the rental are specified on our website.

Will it be great if we can get the car at the hotel we selected as a custom address, close to the airport, for the fee you charge? If not, we can pick it up at the airport. Which is okay?

Delivering close to the airport incurs the same fee as delivery to the airport.

Can we take all-risk insurance?

All-risk insurance is available for an additional fee. Details can be found on the car's page.

Can you clarify information about insurance and the second driver?

Please refer to the car's profile for detailed information on insurance and adding a second driver.

I want full insurance, so I don't need to solve issues e.g., with road assistance and others.

Full insurance details and options are available on each car's page.

Do we need additional paperwork after renting?

All necessary paperwork is completed prior to renting.

How long do I have to have my driver's license?

The rental company's terms specify the age restrictions and required driving experience.

So, can you contact me to send your ID card and driver license?

Please send your driver's license and passport to the phone number specified in the voucher.

About the age limit, which is 60, usually it's 65 at least. What if I am 64?

There's no issue with your age for renting. Please proceed with your booking for Tirana.

Is the Golf good for 4 people and luggage for a 12-day trip in June?

The Golf is suitable, offering ample luggage space and flexible seating.

Does the car have an A/C system?

Yes, all of our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning for your comfort.

Does the 2012 manual Ford Fiesta model have hill holder support?

The Fiesta is not suitable for off-road travel. It lacks hill holder support.

My daughter and I will drive it down to Vlorë, and from there, Berat and Gjirokastër. Considering the roads for the above journey, please advise which car would be suitable for driving?

Most cars are suitable for your route as long as you stick to asphalt roads.

I am interested in renting a car for 2 weeks from 26 of August until 9 of September. I am 32 years old. What is the price for each day and what is included? A small car should be fine for us.

Please check our online pricing for detailed information and let us know if you need further assistance.

Can we pay Cross Border fees only for 2 days in Corfu?

Cross-border fees apply only for the days spent abroad. Super CDW provides comprehensive coverage.

Can we pay Cross Border fees only for 2 days in Corfu?

Cross-border fees apply only for the days spent abroad. Super CDW provides comprehensive coverage.

Can we travel to Montenegro by the car?

Certainly, some of our partners permit travel to Montenegro. Look for the "Abroad" filter in your search.

I'm interested in renting a car that we can take from Albania to Greece, North Macedonia, and Kosovo.

We've emailed you options that allow for cross-border travel.

I have interest in the Hyundai i30 in Tirana, but I want to know if the car trunk has space for 4 cabin bags and if we can cross the border (by ferry) to Greece (Corfu).

Hand luggage fits easily in the i30. Ferry travel requires prior approval and a security check.

Is it possible to return the car later, around 20:00?

Yes, for an additional fee. Our manager will confirm the time with you.

Our flight has been delayed for 2 hours and we won't be able to pick up the car until 3:15-3:30 am. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please inform your rental manager. Contact details are in the voucher.

I booked a Corolla. I think you see my phone number in the system. I will be glad if we can contact you on WhatsApp. I would also like to receive information about the deposit. Have a nice day.

The Corolla is not available for your dates. We offer a Ford Fiesta as an alternative.

Is payment by card or cash?

Both cash and cards are gladly accepted.

I would like to hire a car, but have only a debit card, is that a problem?

The debit card is only required for the prepayment. Cash can be used upon pick-up.

We have a 5-year-old travelling with us, do you have an option of a booster seat for him? If not, we will bring it, no issues, thank you.

A child seat will be provided for your convenience.

Got questions?

Feel free to ask and we'll reply within 2 hours.


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