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Car rental reviews in Sozopol

Real reviews on local car hires in Bulgaria

Alexander Rodionov
Alexander Rodionov

Peugeot 208 in Bulgaria

Satisfied with the quality of the car

August 2022

Sozopol car rental prices

Rates in Sozopol vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length.

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Frequent Questions

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Can I reserve a car for someone else in Sozopol?

Yes, you can book a car for someone else. Simply enter their name during the booking process and make a deposit with our system.

How can I modify my reservation in Sozopol?

To modify your reservation, please contact our customer support. Personal assistance is available to adjust your booking according to your preferences.

What does CDW cover in Sozopol?

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) covers all damages except for tires, windows, and undercarriage.

What insurance is included in the car rental price in Sozopol?

A mandatory free Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is included with every rental, ensuring that any damage to third parties is covered. This is part of our commitment to provide a correct price calculation for all our customers.

What does TPL cover in Sozopol?

TPL covers costs related to damage or injuries to other people or property if you are at fault in an accident. This basic insurance is included in your rental at no extra charge.

What does the Theft Protect cover in Sozopol?

Theft Protection covers the cost of the stolen vehicle or repairs after an attempted theft.

Is there a fee for additional drivers in Sozopol?

This depends on the rental company. Most often, a small fee is applied for additional drivers.

Are minivans available for rent in Sozopol?

Yes, minivans are available. We recommend booking early to have a wider choice and better price, especially during high season.

How are rental prices calculated in Sozopol?

Rental prices are calculated on a 24-hour basis; the longer you rent, the cheaper it gets.

Things to do in Sozopol, Bulgaria

Explore the Old Town, visit the Archaeological Museum, and enjoy the beaches.

Where to drive from Sozopol (Bulgaria) with a rental car

Drive to Burgas for city attractions and the Sea Garden, or to Nessebar for its ancient ruins and old town.

Can I change the drop-off location in Sozopol?

To change the drop-off location, please contact us or call the number provided on your voucher.

Where can I pick up the car in Sozopol?

At the time of booking, the pickup location (office/address/airport) will be specified. You can choose it yourself when booking.

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