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Discover Varna and Beyond with TakeCars

If you're heading to Varna for a beach vacation, take the opportunity to explore the region's other attractions. Known for its architectural monuments and natural wonders, many of Varna's highlights are just an hour's drive away.

Renting a car in Varna through TakeCars makes it easy to visit places like the famous "Stone Forest"—only 20 km from the city—a unique natural formation featuring stone columns up to seven meters high.

Near Varna, you'll find the interesting village of Devnya with its 30 karst springs, as well as the Euxinograd Residence and the ruins of the Aladzha Orthodox rock monastery, just 14 km from Varna. Also, don't miss visiting the ancient fortress of Ovech, the stunning tectonic lake of Varna, the picturesque Kamchia River, and Cape Galata—true treasures of the region.

TakeCars is available not just in Varna, but also in 40 countries worldwide, offering you global accessibility.

Varna isn't just about the beaches; it's a gateway to the rich Bulgarian culture. By renting a car, you can visit all these places freely and conveniently. Our TakeCars service offers car rentals in Varna on favorable terms with low deposits and the ability to choose a suitable car through detailed filters in any language.

Car rental reviews in Varna

Real reviews on local car hires in Bulgaria

Sam Abdulla
Sam Abdulla

Toyota Yaris in Bulgaria

I received the car right after arrival, good car and very nice lady who handed the car over to me.

August 2021
Vasyl Glukhov
Vasyl Glukhov

Mitsubishi Colt in Bulgaria

everything was perfect!

April 2022
Dmitry Davidenko
Dmitry Davidenko

Renault Symbol in Bulgaria

Renault de facto, the car is weak, a little tired, but clean. The courier is well done, although he was late, there are no complaints, he even changed money. But in general, the car did not disappoint, no breakdowns, thanks! This is the first time I've rented

January 2022

Varna car rental prices

Rates in Varna vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length.

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    We make it easy to compare prices and rental terms in Varna so you can rent a car more easily

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    Reserve your vehicle with a small deposit, and we guarantee it will be waiting for you upon arrival in Varna.

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How to Book a Car in Varna

Booking a car with TakeCars is straightforward: select a car, review its features and required services, click "Book", fill in the form, and pay a 15% deposit. The voucher will be sent to your email.

Car Insurance in Varna

When renting through TakeCars, basic insurance is always included, but you can opt for additional coverage for extra security or if you're unsure about your driving skills. We recommend upgrading to at least SCDW for the best protection.

Varna car rental questions

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What payment methods are accepted in Varna?

In Varna, we accept cash and cards as payment methods. Please note that this might vary by rental company. Any cards are accepted for prepayment.

What does Full Damage Waiver cover in Varna?

Full Damage Waiver covers all damages in Varna, though responsibility may still apply as per the deductible amount outlined in your rental contract.

What does the Theft Protect cover in Varna?

Theft Protect in Varna covers the cost of the stolen vehicle or repairs after an attempted theft. Terms and conditions are provided by the rental supplier and are visible on our site.

What insurance is included in the car rental price in Varna?

A mandatory free Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is included in the car rental price in Varna. Additional insurance options depend on the provider and are outlined in the contract.

What is the franchise amount (deductible) in Varna?

The franchise amount in Varna defines your financial responsibility in case of an accident. It might vary, being either higher or lower than the deposit, as specified in the contract.

Is there a fee for additional drivers in Varna?

Additional driver fees may apply and vary by rental company. All terms are clearly stated in the rental contract, and we advise reviewing them upon booking.

Are SUV 4x4s available for rent in Varna?

Yes, SUV 4x4s are available for rent in Varna. We recommend booking early to ensure a wide selection. You can view the supplier's office area on our website to plan your pickup conveniently.

How are rental prices calculated in Varna?

Rental prices in Varna are calculated on a 24-hour basis. The longer you rent, the cheaper it gets. Prices are set to be transparent and all payment methods are accepted.

Are price adjustments possible after booking in Varna?

Unfortunately, price adjustments after booking are not possible unless additional options are purchased. This is due to our transparent pricing policy that is strictly contract-based.

Things to do in Varna, Bulgaria

Explore the Sea Garden, visit the Varna Archaeological Museum, and enjoy the beaches.

Where to drive from Varna (Bulgaria) with a rental car

Drive to the Balchik Palace and Botanical Gardens, or to Pobiti Kamani for the stone desert phenomenon.

When will I receive my voucher for rental in Varna?

You will receive a rental voucher via email within a few hours after approval. Please check your email and SPAM folder. All further communications should be directed to the rental supplier/manager, whose office location is visible on our site.

Got questions?

Feel free to ask and we'll reply within 2 hours.


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