Rent a Opel Vivaro

  • Automatic TM
  • 1.4 litres | Diesel
  • 2023 year
  • Front drive
  • 9 seats




Refundable deposit is not required Deposit is not required
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Mileage limit

Child seats
Up to 9kg
9 to 18kg
18 to 36kg
Booster seat

Reviews (2)

Iurii Tikhonov

Let's start with the fact that I didn't get an Opel Vivaro, there was another minivan, without panorama, without electric door drives. I did not bother to find out where exactly the ordered car was, but accepted what was brought. We were able to accommodate the whole family. From a technical point of view, everything was fine with the car, we received it quite quickly, clean. Handed over a little difficult, in terms of the place where it was planned to transfer, you can not stop. And my friend asked to go to the hotel, which is not possible, because the car on the road is not left, I had to get to the nearest parking lot and there to explain where to go to the receiving person to pick up the car, and I had to pay for the parking lot. The handover was a little bit spoiled the impression, but in general we are satisfied with the car, it is technically sound, the receipt is simple and quick. I wanted the one I ordered with a panorama - it would be great with kids on a long trip.

Maksat Baltash

Everything went great, comfortable car

Istanbul, Turkey






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Child seats


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