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Want to experience Turkey beyond the view from a tour bus window? Renting a car in Marmaris offers a fantastic opportunity to explore this picturesque country. Known for its stunning scenery and rich Turkic culture, Marmaris is a haven for those who love to travel by car.

Encircled by dense pine forests and the waters of the Aegean Sea, Marmaris is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Visit the historic Marmaris Castle, dating back to 1044 and rebuilt by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1522, which provides breathtaking views of the city and bay.

Also, don’t miss the unique Butterfly Valley, home to rare butterfly species in their natural habitat.

TakeCars ensures a pleasant and hassle-free rental experience with our roadside assistance service, a valuable resource on Marmaris’s diverse roadways, from narrow lanes to mountainous serpentines.

Getting Around Marmaris by Car

With a rental car in Marmaris, organizing trips to neighboring cities like Datça and Bodrum is effortless. Our service offers a broad selection of vehicles from local providers, including options with no deposit, making car rental highly affordable.

Marmaris car rental prices

Rates in Marmaris vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length.

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Tips for the Driver

Exercise caution in mountainous areas where turns can be sharp. Always fill up the tank before embarking on long journeys. Be mindful of local driving habits and take extra precautions to avoid mishaps.

Stores and Parking Lots

In and around Marmaris, you’ll find everything from local markets—where bargaining is a must—to large shopping centers featuring modern Turkish brands. Renting a car facilitates easy movement between shops, a real advantage during the hot season. Note that parking in Marmaris is predominantly paid, with free options typically only available at shopping centers.

Renting a car through TakeCars in Marmaris opens up a plethora of opportunities for tourists to explore Turkey. Select your preferred vehicle and discover the surroundings of Marmaris with local rental companies!

Frequent Questions

Things to do in Marmaris, Turkey

Visit the Marmaris Castle, enjoy the marina and beaches, and explore the nearby islands.

Where to drive from Marmaris (Turkey) with a rental car

Drive to Dalyan for the ancient city of Kaunos and mud baths, or to Datça for its beaches and nature.

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