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Side—a picturesque resort on Turkey's southern coast, is renowned for its ancient ruins and stunning beaches. A great way to start exploring Side and its environs is by renting a car.

TakeCars provides car rentals not only in Side but across 40 other countries, giving you the confidence to travel the globe effortlessly.

The roads in Side are well-maintained. With a well-developed road network, renting a car makes it easy to discover both popular tourist destinations and secluded natural spots seldom visited by tourists.

TakeCars simplifies the car booking process. On our website, you can use filters to find the perfect car to match your preferences and budget. Moreover, you can read comprehensive reviews about each supplier exclusively on our site to help you make an informed choice.

Car rental reviews in Side

Real reviews on local car hires in Turkey

Denis Shumaylov
Denis Shumaylov

Renault Symbol in Turkey

They brought the car on time, everything is fine. The car was brought without gasoline, drove to the gas station, refueled, went by car to where they wanted. It is clear that the car is far from new, it is a rental car, it is all kotsanny and there are questions about its work, there are more than 230k mileage. The box is buzzing, howling at 5. But for this money, and for the speed of delivery, this is the best option if you need to travel around the area somewhere. I went from side to ikea, it turned out cheaper than by bus

February 2023
Dmitry Advokatov
Dmitry Advokatov

Renault Symbol in Turkey

everything went perfectly! we had a slight misunderstanding with the delivery of the car - it was brought to a nearby hotel for some reason, but we figured it out, found each other, explained everything to us in an accessible way, signed the documents and parted. The only thing that was not very convenient was that the car was practically with an empty tank, but it was enough to get to the gas station, so everything was fine :) The driver's side mirror did not hold in the car, but we folded the piece of paper five times, put it between the casing and the mirror and that's it it was great :) otherwise the car is 100% working, I liked everything, what we paid for, we got it, and we paid very cheaply when compared with competitors! There was also a problem with the fact that the car did not come to the hotel either, but we successfully found each other again, the car was checked and we parted, everything ended well. Despite some unfortunate coincidences, I am very pleased and plan to contact you next year if we are in the same region! thanks for your work!

August 2022
Aleksandr Pavlenko
Aleksandr Pavlenko

Renault Symbol in Turkey

everything was fine

March 2021

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Explore the Neighborhood of Side

By renting a car, you unlock the unique opportunity to not only discover Side but also its surrounding attractions. Visit the famous Manavgat River waterfalls or the ancient cities of Aspendos and Perge, each known for their breathtaking architecture and historical importance.

Our goal is to make your road trip as convenient as possible, no matter your destination.

Renting a car through TakeCars in Side offers you not just a vehicle, but the freedom to explore Turkey at your own pace, unbound by public transport schedules.

Frequent Questions

Things to do in Side, Turkey

Visit the ancient ruins of Side, explore the Temple of Apollo, and enjoy the beaches.

Where to drive from Side (Turkey) with a rental car

Drive to Antalya for city attractions and the Düden Waterfalls, or to the Manavgat Waterfall for nature.

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