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Discover magnificent Albania with TakeCars

Albania – the hidden gem of the Balkans! Here, every traveler can truly embrace the joy of exploring freely. Renting a car is the best way to uncover this enchanting country's breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, and vibrant culture.

Why choose TakeCars for car rental in Albania

At TakeCars, we offer a diverse selection of rental cars to suit your needs, from cozy compacts perfect for navigating city streets to rugged SUVs ideal for mountain adventures.

What we offer in Albania:

Transparent terms and conditions: We clearly outline all deposit details and rental terms for your convenience.
Exceptional service: You can request a sample contract ahead of time, and enjoy the flexibility of cancelling your reservation up to 7 days before it begins with a full refund of your prepayment.
Authentic photos: Browse real images of the car you plan to rent beforehand.
Competitive prices: We guarantee our prices are the most competitive in the market.
Personalized approach: Get acquainted with your rental provider and locate their office easily on our website map.

Where to rent a car in Albania

Albania boasts numerous driving routes, from scenic coastal roads to rugged mountain paths.

Ride along the coast: Begin your journey in Durres, one of Albania's oldest cities, and travel along the coastal road to the historic towns of Vlora and Saranda.

Explore the northern mountains: Travel through northern Albania for stunning mountain vistas and cultural diversity. The Valbona Valley National Park offers exceptional opportunities for scenic drives.

Visit historic Berat: Explore this UNESCO World Heritage site known for its ancient churches, mosques, and a 13th-century fortress.

Skadar Lake: The largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula is known for its unique flora and fauna. It's an excellent location for photography enthusiasts and tranquil picnics.

Ksamil: Often dubbed the "Albanian Seychelles," Ksamil boasts pristine sands, crystal-clear Adriatic waters, and several nearby uninhabited islands—perfect for a beach holiday.

Petrella Village: Discover a well-preserved 5th-century castle and its surrounding olive groves.

Most tourists in Albania start their trip here

What our users say

Rent a car in Albania and get the most out of your trip! Your perfect vacation starts with TakeCars. Travel comfortably and without concern as you discover the wonders of Albania.

Real reviews on local car hires in Albania

Ioannis Konstantinidis
Ioannis Konstantinidis

Volkswagen Golf 5 in Albania

Everything was great. Thank you

July 2023
Krešimir Dits
Krešimir Dits

Toyota Yaris in Albania

everything was ok.

August 2023
Daniel Zarattin
Daniel Zarattin

Alfa Romeo Giulietta in Albania

I was very happy with the rental

July 2023
Dmitri Tarassov
Dmitri Tarassov

Hyundai i20 in Albania

Good communication, perfect service, a great car. One week rental period, covered 1000+ km in Albania and Montenegro. Recommend fully!

June 2023
Tomas Purkert
Tomas Purkert

Volkswagen Touran in Albania

Communication without any problems. Very appriciate to see the real picture of cars for hire. Thank you . We will come back to Albania and will hire the car from you again🙂

September 2023
Salvador Llompart nogueras
Salvador Llompart nogueras

Volkswagen Golf 5 in Albania

We were pleased with the service provided. Thank you!

July 2023
Dominik Sivák
Dominik Sivák

Audi A3 in Albania

everything is good thank you

May 2024
Poppy Lewis
Poppy Lewis

Ford C-Max in Albania

It wasn’t the best to be honest. The people were great, the process was fine, the car was questionable but it got us about… just about. It broke down on the last day. BUT Artur came to the rescue. So as I said people great, car not so great

August 2023
Sébastien Maricaux
Sébastien Maricaux

Volkswagen Golf 5 in Albania

It was good, nothing in particular to mention I think only something went wrong with communication, but that was on my part but they were very friendly and the car was good, it was a Toyota corrola instead but they asked beforehand and I didn't mind

September 2023
Espen tviberg Torsvik
Espen tviberg Torsvik

Volkswagen Golf 5 in Albania

the rental went really well. The people were very helpful. We got a ticket for wrong parking and the company helped us pay it. They were also really quick in responding. In all, a good experience.

August 2023
Jan Szelag
Jan Szelag

Volkswagen Golf 7 in Albania

About rental everything was simple, it was easy to cooperate with Denis. In my opinion everthing was good.😅

September 2023
Cristiane Pereira
Cristiane Pereira

Ford Fiesta in Albania

it was okay. But as we had a long drive a head, we should’ve rented a stronger car 1.4 was a bit harsh for a long drive We went up hills

September 2023
Semi Çiloğulları
Semi Çiloğulları

Mercedes-Benz ML320 in Albania

I rented a Mercedes and they gave me touareg. It was fine, no problem

August 2023

Local Car Hires in Albania

These local businesses provide car rental services in Albania

Local Car Hires in Albania

These local businesses provide car rental services in Albania






Tirana airport (TIA)


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There's a car for everyone

At TakeCars, you can choose a vehicle that suits your travel style. Whether you're looking for a nimble city car or a robust four-wheel drive for mountainous adventures, we have a wide array to choose from!

Book your perfect road trip in Albania with TakeCars. Our goal is to make your rental experience as pleasant and effortless as possible, allowing you to explore every corner of this wonderful country without any worries.

Albania car rental prices

Our mission is to enhance your freedom to explore wherever you are in Albania. Even if the specific model you desire is not listed on our website, just leave a request, and we will find a car to suit your needs. Remember, the choice of pickup location, including airport pickups or hotel deliveries, can affect the cost of your rental.

Rates in Albania vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

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chartHow expensive is renting a car in Albania: average daily rates for a one-week car rental, across all car classes. Delivery across Albania not included.

Albania car rental questions

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What methods of payment are accepted in Albania?

Cash is accepted in Euro and Lekas in Albania. Some car hire companies also accept bank cards. If it is more convenient for you to pay by bank card, specify the payment method "by card" in the filters when searching for a car in Albania.

Can I reserve a car in Albania for someone else?

Yes, of course. You can book a car with any name, just enter it when booking.

How and when will my deposit be returned in Albania?

If you pay a cash deposit, it will be returned at the end of the rental. Many companies prefer cash, but some ask for cards (credit or debit - it doesn't usually matter) to make a deposit.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car in Albania?

For some people and rarely - yes, you need it to make a deposit. But generally it depends on the supplier and the model of the car. If you don't have a credit card, choose cash as your method of payment. You can also look for no deposit options - there are some in Albanya.

What documents do I need to provide when renting a car in Albania?

As stated in the rental conditions, it's enough to have a passport and driving licence.

What documents do I need to rent a car in Albania?

To rent a car in Albania you only need a passport and a driving licence.

Will I get the exact car I see in the photos?

Usually customers get the cars they saw on photos when they booked. However, you should understand that the car is in the rental and many things can happen to it. Rarely you can have a change of car to the same or better type at the same rental conditions.

How do I find out the boot size when renting a car in Albania?

You can find out the exact size of the boot in litres by googling the car model data or by writing to our manager in the 'Questions' section.

What do I do if the car breaks down in Albania?

The rental company provides all roadside assistance. You will always be helped with repairs on the road. In case of a major breakdown, the car will be replaced with another one of the same or higher class.

Are there any hidden charges in Albania?

Car hire companies cannot charge more than the amount stated on the voucher. You can see for yourself by reading the reviews of our suppliers in Albania.

What documents are required to cross borders in Albania?

If you need to leave Albanya with the rental car, the supplier will give you car papers and a permit to go abroad. To travel abroad you will need a passport, visa and driving licence. To go to Montenegro, Greece and Northern Macedonia, you need to get an insurance (Green Card) for at least 10 days (it costs 15-40 Euros, the price depends on the destination and the agency's mark-up).

Are there any mileage limits in Albania?

Most rental cars in Albania have unlimited mileage. However, some cars have limited mileage. You can find out whether the mileage is limited or not on the page of the car you are interested in. If the mileage is limited, the daily limit is added up for the whole rental period.

Can I return the car late at night in Albania?

Yes, in Albania you can only pick up or return the car at night or in the early morning if you mention this at the time of booking. Usually you have to pay 20-30 Euro extra for this. Indicate the correct time when looking for the car and see if there is an extra charge for out of hours service.

What are the working hours for car rental in Albania?

Generally until 20:00. Information about opening hours can be found in the profile of each supplier in Albania. However, you can collect or return the car outside these hours for an additional fee of around 20 euros.

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